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EXP 20 Expansion Module for T27P/T29G

Yealink EXP20 Expansion Module with 38 BLF's


Expansion Module compatible with T26PN and T28PN
38 fully programmable DSS keys
Dual colour LED
Up to 6 modules can be linked providing up to 228 keys

Expansion module for T27P and T29G

Large graphic LCD screen with backlight

20 physical buttons, dual colour LED

Two pages of 19 programmable buttons

Adjustable stand with two angles


Added versatility and functionality for your Yealink IP phone with the EXP38 expansion module. Benefit from 38 fully programmable DSS keys with dual colour LED, connected to your handset by RJ11 line cord. 
For larger installations, up to 6 modules can be linked to provide up to 228 keys. The programmable keys support the IP-PBX functionality available on the IP phone. The EXP38 is ideal for anyone called upon to manage and monitor a large number of calls.

The EXP20 is designed to match the style and feel of the T27P and T29G advance IP phone handsets. Equipped with a large user-friendly LCD interface and 20 physical dual-colour LED keys, the EXP20 off ers simplifi ed user navigation and streamlines essential operational functions such as speed dial, BLF, BLA, call forwarding, transfer and hold.

Up to 6 EXP20 expansion modules can be connected making it the ideal solution for receptionists, administrative assistants or contact centre workers who need to monitor and manage a large volume of calls on a regular basis. More than two units need to be powered by a conventional power supply.


for IP-PBX
Speed dialing and Intercom
BLF(Busy Lamp Field)/BLA(Bridged Line
Call transfer, call park, call pickup and
Call return
Supports up to 6 modules with 228
programmable keys
Physical Features
38 programmable keys each with
a dual-color LED
2 RJ-11 ports for data In/Out
Power adapter: Input: AC 100~240V
Output: DC 5VDisplay:

160x320 graphic LCD, LCD Backlight, Two accessible pages, A diverse range of actionable, LCDaccessible icons

Feature keys and indicator:

20 physical, dual-color LED programmable keys, 18 additional keys available, programmable keys enable users to partake in, advanced call functions such as: BFL list, multi-person conferencing, call forwarding, LDAP, XML browser functionality

Physical Features:

Stand with two adjustable angles, Two or less expansion modules can be powered by the host phone, Supports up to six modules, 2xRJ12 (6P6C) ports for data in and out
Dimension (W*D*H*T):
Applies to Yealink SIP-T27P/SIP-T29G
Operating temperature: -10~50°C
Operating humidity: 10%-95%